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Wheelchair Shorts

Wheelchair Shorts | Men's Stretch Fabric Adaptive Shorts - Beige

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Bermuda adaptive wheelchair shorts are a relaxed fit with an elastic waist and stretch fabric.

These run slightly larger.

FUSCI Exclusive Brand European Designer 

97% Cotton 3% Elastic

Have you ever experienced that gap of cold air along your lower back when you bend over to reach something? When you spend most of your time in a seated position, this cold gap is there constantly. Elastic waistbands or side snaps also help by making the clothing easier to get on and off, as well as making the clothing more comfortable to wear sitting down.

Why choose adaptive clothing?

Clothing not made for a wheelchair isn't just more comfortable, it can also be safer. Clothing that is too long or fits improperly can get caught in the wheels. This isn't just uncomfortable and awkward, it's outright dangerous.

The weight of the material can also cause problems for wheelchair users. Heavy fabric can make moving even more difficult. If you are wheelchair-bound due to muscle weakness or issues that affect your upper body, even a little more weight can cause suffering.

Why wear clothing that is uncomfortable and fits poorly, simply because it is standard? Seated clothing is designed to fit your personal needs while making you look and feel good in them at the same time. If you need to freshen up your wardrobe, try seated clothing. It makes sense to wear something designed for your unique body.